How To Order Singles

Magic: The Gathering & Pokémon Singles will be Online Soon!

A display of Magic: The Gathering single cards representing the 5 colors of mana, arrayed in WUBRG color order
We’re working hard to get our entire singles inventory online. In the meantime, you can still purchase from our extensive singles collection online!

Please email us at  with a list of cards you’re looking to buy. Contact us either by phone (905-597-7270), Facebook or email ( For larger lists, email or Facebook are best.
Let us know if you're OK with us pulling you played cards at reduced prices, if you prefer NM (Near Mint) or any other preferences you may have. We’ll pull them for you and email you back a special link to add their total to your cart. Then you can complete your purchase.

Current Singles Inventorying Progress:
We are working through the Pokémon singles. We are getting the Commons, Uncommons, Rares and Holos done first. Ultra Rares and Promo Cards will be done last as their inventory changes the quickest. This means if you are looking for Ultra Rares, please contact us! You can use the search bar to find singles we have already inventoried. We've completed Diamond & Pearl to Scarlet & Violet era sets. There may be a delay in us in doing newly released sets.

We've begun inventorying Magic: The Gathering. We are starting with the most recent no longer Standard legal sets and working backwards from there. Cards that are in the showcase at the store are not included in this inventory at this time.