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Commander 2018

August 6, 2018 - Leave a comment
Magic: The Gathering, Trading Card Games

On August 10th, Commander 2018 releases! This year the decks feature some awesome new planeswalkers as the lead Commanders. There is also a cycle of “Commander Storm” cards. To learn more about the decks and what cards they contain, head over to this page!

You can preorder now to ensure your deck is available. On release we will also have singles available. These prices are valid until we run out of our initial stock of Commander 2018, we usually do not raise prices until our distributors change our costs. Feel free to call in any time to see availability and pricing.

Initial pricing is $44.95+tax per deck or $174.95+tax per set of four.

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Commander FNM

February 5, 2019 - Leave a comment

Come and play some Commander on Friday night! This is a super relaxed and friendly event, just drop in and play Magic.

Put your name on the sign up sheet and at the end of the evening we’ll raffle off the cards in one non-foil Promo Pack! We open the pack (without looking!) and raffle the 4 cards off randomly to players.

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Commander 2019 Weekend!

August 13, 2019 - Leave a comment

Come out and celebrate the release of new Commander Decks! Play games with a neat variant, tons of raffles and promos!

Entry: Free with purchase of C19 Deck (includes preorders/Friday purchases) or $2 to unlock the achievement card!
Format Variant: Players who are using unmodified Commander 2019 deck can select up to 3 Legendaries from the deck to use as their Commanders as though they had the Partner ability (they still need to have the correct mana color combination).
Prizes: Everyone who has paid entry gets a little card with a few achievements:

  • Play 3 games of Commander
  • Play Against 5 Unique Players
  • Switch up your Commander(s) at least once using the same deck

When you complete all three achievements, give us back your achievements card and get a promo card from a Core 2020 Promo Pack! (While supplies last)

Goodies Being Raffled Out:
Spellbook Gideon
Guilds of Ravnica Theme Booster
Foil Promo Core 2020 Booster x 2
Non-Foil Promo Core 2020 Booster x 2
Japanese War of the Spark Booster
Foil Promo Reliquary Tower
Foil Promo Karn’s Bastion x 2
Foil Promo Time Wipe x 2
If we get over 20 players we’ll add some more raffles! Items will be raffled out throughout the day.

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