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Standard PPTQ Dominaria

November 8, 2017 - Leave a comment

Format: Standard
Registration: 11AM
Start: 12PM
Entry: $30
Player Cap: 40 (Pre-register in store or online, by sending $30 through PayPal to Cardboardclassicgames@gmail.com with the tournament you’re prereging for, your name and DCI)
Competitive REL with deck lists
Swiss pairings with a cut to Top 8
All entries go into the prize pool and are paid back out as store credit to the Top 8.

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Dominaria Booster League

April 25, 2018 - 2 Replies
Magic: The Gathering

Why Play Booster League?

Booster League is a great format for newer players and veterans alike! If you don’t have a large collection, the format evens the playing field. If you aren’t able to spend a lot on Magic, League allows you to pay the price of a draft and then get in a bunch of games with other players! For those of you who just love to crack packs, it’s another excuse. It’s also a way for people with limited time to play Magic to drop by at hours where there may not be a large event running and still be able to find people to play with.

What you need to know:

Entry: One time fee of $15, comes with 3 Dominaria Packs and a cool League Box to hold your cards!

    • Build a 30 card minimum deck with your 3 booster packs.
    • Every week you can add another booster pack to your pool (on Mondays)! If you lose 3 games you can also add another to your pool!
    • Matches are best of one and there is a free Mulligan (then proceed to Mulligan normally).
    • Grab your match sheet and make note of the game! Games count towards the prizes as long as you don’t play the same person in a row.
    • You’ll earn an awesome foil, alternate art Zhalfirin Void for playing 10 games!

Continue Reading for all the Details!

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Dominaria Prerelease Events!

April 5, 2018 - Leave a comment

Return to Magic’s most storied plane! Dominaria is full of legends and heroes! Join us for Prerelease!

You can pick up a booster box of Dominaria during Prerelease weekend! Supplies are limited so consider preordering! Comes with an exclusive foil promo, you can only get for buying a box!

ENTRY: $30 Per Event
ROUNDS: 3 Per Event

Fri, April 20th – Midnight 11:59PM (starts at 12:01AM April 21st)

Sat, April 21st – 1PM
Sat, April 21st – 5PM
Sat, April 21st – 8PM

Sun, April 22nd – 1PM
Sun, April 22nd – 5PM

Preregistering is available instore or online. Send your name and which event you are preregistering for, along with $30 through Paypal to Cardboardclassicgames@gmail.com to ensure your spot!

Prize Support is as follows:
Regular Events:
X-0’s = 8 Packs
X-1’s = 4 Packs
Everyone else gets 1 pack

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